Germany: Berliners give mixed reactions to proposed refugee age-checks

The German government's proposal to introduce age checks for refugees was met with mixed reactions from residents of Berlin on Tuesday. «This is a superfluous debate, whether a young refugee is 15, 16 or 18... It does not really matter. There's another priority. And age does not make a difference for that,» said Ibrahim Maloui. «The point is that when they become delinquent, they can... Еще masquerade as adolescents. And that needs to be prevented,» said Christiane. «Our tax money is being spent for so many unnecessary things anyway, so we can as well spend it for that [determine the age of refugees],» said Elke. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) faction of Lower Saxony has proposed the age-check using an X-ray, after a refugee stabbed and killed a 15 year-old girl in the western town of Kandel one week ago. The migrant claimed he was 15, which resulted in him being treated as a minor under the German law.

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