Germany: Berliners divided over calls to rename Karl Marx street due to anti-Semitic allegations

Berliners shared mixed opinions on Thursday, after a Jewish newspaper requested the renaming of Berlin's Karl Marx Strasse metro station following accusations that the philosopher voiced anti-Semitic views. According to reports, the Jewish Review (Judische Rundschau) newspaper sent an open letter to the public transport company Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), listing alleged anti-Semitic quotes from Marx's works, and requesting that his name be removed from the metro station. Franciska, one Berlin resident, said, «I don't know much about Karl Marx's anti-semitic history, but if it were that way, then it's a good reason to say that it needs a new name as a way of show that we do not support anyone with such a background. So it's a good idea I would say.» Ryan Powell, another resident, stated, «If it improves the feelings of the people who suffered from it, in this case the Jewish people that suffered from Karl Marx, then who else is it hurting? You know what I mean? So yeah, I think it's great.» Meanwhile, a third resident Thomas Koziol, disagreed with the initiative, saying, «Karl Marx is one of the most important German philosophers, and we should start ignoring our cultural background now? No, I can't imagine that, I'm sorry.» Earlier this year, the BVG announced that it will be renaming the Mohrenstrasse metro station after an initiative by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Mohrenstrasse, which translates to 'Moor Street', has been accused of being racist due to its use of the word 'moor,' a medieval term for North Africans.

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