Germany: Berlin urges Ankara to show restraint in Syria amid Erdogan's threats

The German Foreign Ministry urged Turkey to act with restraint and responsibility in Syria, when speaking at a Federal Press Conference (BPK) in Berlin on Wednesday. During the press conference, German Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Adebahr called on Ankara «to show restraint militarily,» arguing that «a military intervention could jeopardise the humanitarian situation, which is bad enough... Еще.» She went on to say that US National Security Advisor John Bolton «is currently in the region for talks, which we welcome if they help keep the Syria process peaceful and violence-free.» Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly threatened to launch an offensive against US-backed Kurdish militants in northern Syria. On Tuesday, Erdogan lashed out at Bolton over his pledges to ensure Turkey's non-aggression against the US-backed Kurdish fighters amid the US' planned drawdown of its troops in Syria. Bolton has been touring the Middle East, intended in part to reassure its allies amid criticism over Washington's decision to withdraw its troops from Syria.

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