Germany: Berlin seeking dialogue with Kremlin over sanctions and Iran

The German Federal Press Office stated that Berlin is seeking dialogue with Russia over the current sanctions in place due to the situations in Iran, Syria and Ukraine, at a press conference in the German capital on Monday. Maria Adebahr, Foreign Ministry Deputy Spokesperson, said that the Kremlin's relationship with Tehran could lead to 'intensive' dialogue between the two in a bid to resolve... Еще tensions with the West, especially in the wake of the United State's decision to withdraw from the JCPOA. On sanctions imposed on Russia for the situation in Ukraine, the Federal Press Secretary Steffan Seibert said: «The sanctions have been agreed upon by every EU member, so that one country could go ahead and offer a relaxation on sanctions is unthinkable.» However, he said that if 'the causes of the conflict' are removed, the sanctions would also follow. The pair also discussed German Chancellor Angela Merkel's planned visit to Sochi, her first since both herself and Russian President Vladimir Putin were reelected, saying she hopes to work constructively with the Kremlin on a number of issues.

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