Germany: Berlin prison under fire after nine inmates escape

After nine inmates escaped from Plotzensee prison in Berlin within a week, the city’s Senator of Justice Dirk Behrendt gave a press statement on Wednesday. Some of the inmates absconded from day leave and others escaped from prison in four separate incidents. “After the experience in the past few days, we have reacted. We have increased the security measures,” said Behrendt, adding that “what... Еще is important to me is that the irritations that have arisen from the impression that everyone here can go in and out, how funny it is, it is not true.» Last Thursday, four inmates escaped through a ventilation slot using an angle grinder and a hammer taken from the prison’s workshop. It took about 40 minutes for the guards to notice their absence. Two of the four prisoners, who are completing sentences for theft, aggravated assault and extortion, are reportedly still at large. Opposition politicians have called on Behrendt to resign. Behrendt has been in charge of Berlin’s jails since last year when he promised to provide a more ‘human’ approach to prisoners.

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