Germany: Berlin condemns 'disproportionately tough' police action against Moscow protesters

The German government condemned what it called a «disproportionately tough police operation» against protesters in Moscow over the weekend. Speaking at a federal press conference (BPK) in Berlin on Monday, Deputy Government Spokesperson Ulrike Demmer said that «with great concern, the federal government has acknowledged reports of numerous arrests of people who peacefully demonstrated in Moscow... Еще and an ensuing disproportionately tough police operation.'' According to Demmer, Berlin «expects the speedy release of those detained» and «calls for compliance with international standards'' in Russia's regional elections in September. More than 1,000 protesters were reportedly detained at a rally on Saturday, held in support of opposition candidates who they claimed were barred from running in city council elections. Protesters demanded that opposition candidates be allowed to take part in local polls.

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