Germany: Berlin cinema ensures social distancing by placing plush toys in audience

The KLICK cinema in Berlin's Charlottenburg district reopened its doors to movie enthusiasts with an adorable social distancing concept. Moviegoers at the cinema were filmed during a screening of 'Siberia' on Thursday, with plush toys placed in between them to maintain the necessary social distance, due to the coronavirus. The coronavirus-related lockdown measures and hygienic restrictions hit film distributors and the movie industry hard, according to KLICK Kino's film distributor Christos Acrivulis. «As a film distributor it was very difficult [during the corona lockdown]. We planned to show two movies as a start — one in March and one in April. We had to cancel all dates, including tour dates with directors, and we cancelled a lot of shows,» he said. «Considering you can only allow 18, 20 spectators; it's clear that we cannot survive like this. However, we have to try and experience this phase in a different form,» he added. Acrivulis also explained how the cinema teamed up with local artist Julia Lange, CEO and founder of Teeny Tiny, a company that designs artistic soft toys. «Yes, it is a plush toy, but it is also something trippy. Many of my customers are adults, who feel touched by childhood memories, yes, but who also see the artistic because it touches them. You laugh, you feel something because it is different from the common dead plush toy, a plastic animal from a foreign country where it's being produced. Here, it's a soul that is being created,» she said. The KLICK cinema's history dates back to over 100 years. It closed in 2004 due to gentrification, before being reopened in 2017.​

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