Germany: Berlin centre awarded 'Heart of Stone' for worst animal experiment

Animal rights activists of gathered in front of the Max Delbrueck Centre (MCD) in Berlin on Thursday to award its researchers the 'Herz aus Stein' ('Heart of Stone') for the worst animal experiment of 2017. The molecular medicine centre was crowned after an online vote between five medical institutions nominated by the German association 'Doctors against Animal Experiments' (DAAE). «It's an... Еще experiment where they suffocate mice and naked mole rats just to see how long they can live without oxygen. The mice died after 45 seconds,» said Corina Gericke from the association's board, adding there was no reason for the experiment other than curiosity. Martin Lohse, director of Max Delbrueck Centre refused to accept the prize. He defended his team against the accusation, stating: «We are doing research for the benefit of patients, it's not just curiosity.» According to DAAE, 2.9 million animals are killed in experiments every year in Germany.

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