Germany: Berlin calls on Turkey to resolve allegations against arrested embassy lawyer

The Foreign Ministry commented on the lawyer of Germany's Embassy in Ankara that was arrested on espionage charges during a press conference in Berlin on Friday, with Foreign Ministry spokesperson Christofer Burger saying that Berlin has made efforts «multiple times on a high-ranking level» to clarify the allegations against him so he can leave custody. «We explained this multiple times over the... Еще past days and we have put in efforts with the Turkish authorities since the arrest of the lawyer of the German embassy on site in mid-September that the allegations should be solved as quickly as possible so that he can leave custody. We expressed this multiple times on a high-ranking level towards the Turkish side and these efforts continue,» Burger said. The arrest reportedly took place in mid-September and suspect has been held in pre-trial detention since then. The ministry also discussed Libya, stating that they «have reached a consensus on many key issues, among others that there is not military solution and that we urgently need a ceasefire.» Germany has been attempting to solve the Libyan crisis diplomatically.

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