Germany: Berlin backs UK over Skripal case as OPCW meeting continues

SOT, Journalist (German): «You have already anticipated as your colleague just reported.» SOT, Ulrike Demmer, Deputy government spokesperson (German): «Yes, but they need to be separated. Right, we have delivered a statement. There is a statement for the decision which the German government is keen on in cooperation with its partners. And for that [statement], there is still an inspection... Еще.» SOT, Ulrike Demmer, Deputy government spokesperson (German): «Well, I expressly disagree your thinking, but there were reasons that we have stated here several times, and the reasoning has not changed.» SOT, Ulrike Demmer, Deputy government spokesperson (German): «We have conducted more and more examinations in the past few weeks and we will do more. We share the UK's assessment that there is a high probability of a Russian responsibility and that's there are no other plausible explanations about this. SOT, Journalist (German): «But ‘high probability’ is different to ‘being sure’ and acting on that.» SOT, Ulrike Demmer, Deputy government spokesperson (German): «We have named this as our basis for decision-making, nothing has changed about that, and that's why we do not have to continue going over the semantics.» «We totally agree with the estimation of Great Britain,» said German government spokesperson Rainer Breul in Berlin on Wednesday, as the extraordinary meeting over the Salisbury case is being held in The Hague at Russia's request to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The press spokesperson at German Federal Foreign Office Rainer Breul said Germany supports the estimation of the UK. «Russia is most likely to take the responsibility. And, for us, there is no plausible alternative declaration,» he added. Journalists were quick to jump on the German government's agreement with the UK's conclusion, claiming there is a lack of clear evidence linking the Russian state to the case. Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned at the beginning of March in Salisbury. The UK has blamed Moscow for the incident, while Russia has denied any involvement in the affair.

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