Germany: Benigna Munsi 'surprised' by 'positive response' following AfD scandal

Seventeen-year-old Benigna Munsi, who has been elected as a new Nuremberg Christ Child, said that she was «surprised» by the «positive response» she received amid the scandal over the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) Facebook comment. She spoke at a press conference alongside Nuremberg Mayor Ulrich Maly and Press Spokesperson Siegfried Zelnhefer in Nuremberg on Sunday. Munsi, born to an Indian... Еще father and German mother, said, «I am especially surprised by the positive response I get from all the comments or all the private messages. I get a lot of positive messages telling me, 'Cheer up, not all people are so negative'.» Zelnhefer branded the AfD post, which is now deleted, «racist,» noting that the «form of personal hostility to the Nuremberg Christ Child is new in its massive scale.» He went on to say that the incident has «triggered an unprecedented wave of solidarity and support for Benigna.» The Nuremberg mayor said, «We [are facing] an openly racist connotation. You would have to laugh if you did not know that the guys were serious posting something like that, but you could howl about so much enmity.» «The Nuremberg Christ Child is the Nuremberg Christ Child, and this is definitely not an ethnic or a nationality question, it is simply a character that must be played by a young woman with a lot of empathy and a lot of heart,» stressed Maly. Following the election of Munsi, the AfD district chapter in Munich made a Facebook post, saying that «Nuremberg has a new Christ Child. One day, we will be like the [American] Indians.» The post was reportedly deleted several hours after numerous comments expressing solidarity for Munsi started pouring in.

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