Germany: Bavarians rally against bill handing police extended powers

Thousands took to the streets of Munich on Thursday, to protest against the Christian Social Union's (CSU) proposed 'Bavaria's Police Tasks Bill' (PAG) introducing expanded surveillance powers to the police. According to local police some 30,000 protesters marched through the streets of the Bavarian capital with banners while chanting slogans against the PAG bill. Claudia Stamm, leader of the... Еще MUT Party and member of the Bavarian Parliament said «we need to maintain the pressure, we must not take the liberties as they are potentially provided, I say no Police Power Act, but potential police power law,» she added that «the 14th of October will not be the day of the right, but the day of the upright.» «The state government is trying to make us a surveillance state at the moment,» said Natascha Kohnen, chairwoman of SPD and member of the Bavarian Parliament. Some 80 civil groups gathered to hold the rally and demand from the Bavarian government to revoke the proposed legislative package that gives to regional police extended surveillance powers like opening the mail.

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