Germany: Bavarian officials call for nationwide standards for tackling coronavirus

Procedures to stop and contain the spreading of the deadly coronavirus should «be uniformly regulated nationwide,» according to Bavarian officials who spoke from Munich on Tuesday. «It makes no sense if we establish procedures in Munich and the people enter in Frankfurt and then take the train to Munich. So here, in fact, the federal government is required to establish a uniform procedure and we... Еще are also happy to be actively involved on how something like this could look like,» said Bavarian State Office for Health and Food President Andres Zapf. The procedures set in place in Bavaria includes laboratory testing of all people who were in close contact with those confirmed to be carrying the coronavirus, as well as keeping them isolated in their homes until the tests give the all-clear. Bavarian Health Minister Melanie Huml also confirmed that the ten people infected in the southern German state are «clinically stable.» «In Schwabing hospital, we heard that one patient is a little feverish again and shows light signs of a respiratory tract inflammation but keeps being clinically stable,» said Huml about the patients' situations. The coronavirus outbreak has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO). At least 427 people have died with almost 20,500 cases of the virus confirmed in mainland China alone. Over 150 cases were confirmed world-wide across 25 countries, including France, the UK, Canada and the US. Hong Kong announced the second death from the disease outside mainland China of a 39-year old man, with the first being announced in the Philippines on Sunday.

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