Germany: Bavarian anti-AFD movement create 'light painting' outside parliament

Around 5,000 opponents of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party staged a protest outside the Bavarian Landtag in Munich on Monday night. Participants were asked to waved their phones in the air to create a light painting. Organisers sought to mimic Munich's candlelit vigil in 1992, which followed xenophobic riots in newly-reunified Germany. On stage, Natascha Kohnen the leader of the centre... Еще-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) Bavarian wing, warned against the return of the far-right in regional and national politics. «[The AfD] can be democratically elected, but a party where a hump belongs together in Chemnitz with neo-Nazis is a right-wing party,» Kohnen told the crowd. In October, the anti-immigration AfD entered the Bavarian parliament for the first time, with around 10% of the vote.

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