Germany: Bavarian Alps road blocked in demo protesting visitor traffic

Around 200 people blocked the federal road B11 as they protested against traffic travelling through their village, in Wallgau, south of Munich, on Saturday. The road leads to several scenic mountains and lakes, and is popular with Germans travelling south for weekend breaks. Protesters held banners reading (German): «Slow down,» as they marched alongside the Mayor of Wallgau Bastian Eiter. Co-initiator and spokesperson for Traffic Congestion Wallgau, Katharina Zunterer, said the traffic was not caused by over tourism in the village of Wallgau itself, but by visitors travelling through it. «We really just have a problem with the through-road and that is simply because we are a bottleneck. We live in the Alps, and this traffic must be redirected somewhere, but please not through our village. We must find solutions, how to travel through differently,» she told reporters. MP and Environmental policy spokesman for the SPD Florian von Brunn said, «I have the feeling that that the Alps are often stuck in traffic, the Bavarian Alps, and that the mountains and nature here are too good for that, of course it's also about concern for the residents, noise, emissions and so on. The protest blocked traffic through the village causing large queues and forcing travellers to wait. According to local reports, the demonstration lasted an hour.

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