Germany: Author takes Random House to court for scrapping book on Islam

A former politician and author of the book 'Germany abolishes itself' arrived in a Munich court, on Monday, for a lawsuit hearing against his publisher 'Random House,' which postponed the release of his new book 'Hostile Takeover: How Islam Hampers Progress and Threatens Society.' Sarrazin's attorney Dr. Andreas Kohler stated that the lawsuit «it is not about money, it's not about the pecuniary... Еще at this point, but it's about a law being done right here». In defense of the publisher's house, it's attorney Rainer Dresen said that there were «content concerns about the text,» adding that «Mr. Sarrazin has requested a released date, which was not provided in the contract». Reportedly, Sarrazin's book will still be published at the end of summer by another publisher, Finanzbuch Verlag.

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