Germany: Audi reveals maximum luxury self-driving car concept

Audi revealed its luxurious Aicon concept car at the IAA 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, Frankfurt, Wednesday, which displays a futuristic vision of a vehicle which can drive itself. The Audi Aicon concept has no steering wheel or pedals, but rather can drive itself autonomously whilst the driver sits back and relaxes on one of the interior swivel chairs. This makes the car ideal for long distance or... Еще late-night driving. The autonomous Audi can reach up to 800 km (497 miles) per hour and can be controlled by the lucky passenger using artificial intelligence, eye tracking and gesture controls. Audi designed the car to fit into a futuristic world in which cars come fitted with sensors in order not to crash into one another or other obstacles on the road. In fact, the cars would be so safe that such «old-fashioned» safety precautions as seat belts would not be necessary. Interior designer Frank Lambert explained the thinking behind the design; «The idea was really to give the idea of maximum of luxury and space you can get in a car of this, but also in a kind of Audi typical way, really elegant, really nice, luxury, and you have the whole world of digitilisation inside». A car with autonomous driving may seem like an unrealistic dream, but Audi's concept intends to make you question what the future may have in store for motorists.

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