Germany: 'At no time was there danger to life' — German gov. on Merkel's aircraft trouble

German Chancellor Angela Merkel missed the opening of the G20 summit in Argentina due to a» defective technical component» that forced her government plane to make an unscheduled landing, German Defence Ministry Spokesperson Jens Flosdorff stated at a press conference in Berlin on Friday. Flosdorff noted that «it is the first time that this failure has occurred on our two machines of model A340... Еще.» German Deputy Government Spokesperson Martina Fietz noted that «at no time was there a danger to [the] life» of those onboard the government plane. According to Fietz, some of Merkel's bilaterial meetings would have to be rescheduled as soon as Merkel arrives at the summit. She went on to say that Merkel was «very thankful» that the crew had handled the situation «very professionally.» Due to technical issues an hour into the expected 15-hour flight, the government's Airbus A340 aircraft, called 'Konrad Adenauer', carrying Merkel and her delegation to the G20 summit had to reverse course and land at the Cologne-Bonn airport. Merkel and German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz reportedly flew to Madrid on a different government plane on Friday, and from there on a commercial carrier to the Argentine capital. Commenting on the Kerch Strait incident, Fietz reiterated Merkel's Thursday speech, saying that the chancellor «had called on the Ukrainian side to deal with it wisely,» and that «the basic attitude that the chancellor holds on this is that it should not be handled militarily but through conversations and dialogue.» The Group of 20 Summit sees governments and representatives of the world's 19 major economies as well as top representatives of the EU meet and discuss strategies for fiscal policy and international financial stability.

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