Germany: Art collective offers cash for info on far-right protesters in Chemnitz

Activists launched a campaign on Monday to identify people who took part in the far-right protests that rocked the eastern German city of Chemnitz in September and August this year. Members of the Centre for Political Beauty (Zentrum fur politische Schonheit) art collective responsible for the initiative, dubbed SOKO Chemnitz (Special commission Chemnitz), staged a press conference in Berlin to... Еще announce its opening, while footage shot in Chemnitz shows the office they have established in the city. The collective has pooled together video footage and photos of people who they allege participated in the protests and are calling for residents to help identify them. The group are offering financial rewards for those who do so, with the stated aim of informing the employers of those identified. An office was rented in Chemnitz where people could inform and receive cash in person. The glass facade of the building was plastered with 'wanted posters' of the alleged participants, but these have since been removed by the police, with the lease also being reportedly immediately terminated on the grounds that it had not been put to the contractually agreed use. While the SOKO Chemnitz website, where people can upload information about suspects, is still up at this time, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party have reportedly requested that the state of Saxony, where Chemnitz is located, force the website to taken down. The Commissioner for Data Protection in Berlin is also reportedly set to investigate the website on the grounds that it may violate German privacy laws. The Centre for Political Beauty gained fame last year after erecting a replica of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial in front of the house of an AfD party politician, after he referred to the original as a «monument of shame» in a speech.

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