Germany: Arrests made as anti-lignite protesters block coal-delivery rail tracks

Several groups of activists from the 'Ende Gelande' movement blocked the railway tracks between the Rath and Neurath lignite-fired power stations, Saturday. Previously it was reported that more than 1,000 demonstrators had moved out from their 'Klimacamp' near Bedburg on Saturday morning in the direction of the RWE Niederaussem power plant. However in the afternoon the crowd suddenly split into... Еще several groups, trying to reach the rail tracks of Nord-Sued-Kohlebahn. They succeeded in two places, but another big group of around 200 climate activists was intercepted and surrounded by police officers in a field before they could reach the railroad. Other groups were also reportedly intercepted and detained by police before they could block the tracks. The actions, organised by campaigners from the Ende Gelaende alliance, came in parallel with an authorised rally under the motto 'Rote Linie gegen Kohle' (Red Line against Coal), that took place between the villages of Buir and Manheim, and that was attended by at least 3,000 peple who formed a one km (0.62 mile) human chain, in protest against the expansion of brown coal production at the Garzweiler and Tagebau Hambach open-pit mines. On Friday numerous groups of anti-coal protesters, who had been camping in the Rheinland for the whole week, also managed to block railway tracks that deliver brown coal from mines to power stations; however police cleared the way by evening.

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