Germany: Anti-migrant protest as rape case rocks Koenigs Wusterhausen

Around 300 people participated in two right-wing demonstrations against German refugee policy in Koenigs Wusterhausen near Berlin on Monday. «We demonstrate here today, because we don't want to and we will not get used to daily incidents, because we live in a spirit of a community and care about what happens to our countrymen,» said the organiser of one of the two rallies, Christoph Berndt from... Еще the German right-wing association 'Zukunft Heimat,' while addressing the crowd. «We are not ready to accept to have victims of permanent abuses, rapes, and murders as collateral damage of a dangerous social experiment,» he added, referring to the current migration policy of the German government. At the same time, several counter-protesters gathered nearby, chanting «there is no right to Nazi propaganda.» Police separated them from the rally participants. The right-wing demonstrations took place after last Tuesday's alleged rape when two Afghan refugees are said to have dragged a schoolgirl into a public toilet and sexually abused her. The German public prosecutor's office has since dropped the investigation, saying the accuser's claims could not be substantiated.

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