Germany: Anti-lockdown protester sparks fury with comparison to anti-Nazi resistance activist in Hanover

An anti-lockdown protester sparked a furious reaction from a protest steward, as well as others, in Hannover on Saturday, after she compared herself with a Nazi resistance activist while speaking at a demonstration. The woman, who introduced herself as «Jana from Kassel,» said that she felt like «Sophie Scholl because for months because for months I have been active in the resistance here.» Scholl was a German anti-Nazi activist who was executed at the age of 21 by the Nazis for her activities with the non-violent White Rose resistance group. «I am 22 years old, the same age as Sophie Scholl before she fell victim to the National Socialists,» Jana continued, mistating Scholl's age. After Jana made the comparison a protest steward approached the stage and tried to hand her his high-visibility vest, saying «I'm not being a steward for bullshit like this,» before complaining that her comments were «playing down the Holocaust,» and being escorted away by police. Jana subsequently turned away while crying before throwing her microphone to the ground and rushing off stage. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas tweeted regarding the incident «Anyone who compares themselves to Sophie Scholl or Anne Frank today is mocking the courage it took to take a stand against Nazis. This downplays the Holocaust and shows an unbearable oblivion of history. Nothing connects corona protests with resistance fighters. Nothing.» Anti-lockdown protests continue to take place in Germany and accross many European countries as they continue to tame the second wave of infections pending an approval for a COVID-19 vaccine sometime in December.

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