Germany: Animal rights activists splash Munich streets with fake blood

Dozens of animal rights activists from the Animal Rebellion movement splashed fake blood on the streets around the ministry of agriculture in Munich, on Thursday, in a protest against the animal source food industry. The protesters, who seized onto the industry's alleged connection with pandemics, held banners, while some, dressed as animals, stood inside cages. «We want to make visible to the staff of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forests how high the hidden costs of animal products actually are. Because a lot of information that visitors to this house learn about agriculture in the entrance area is simply wrong and a perfect PR campaign for multi-billion dollar companies,» said one of the activists. «The corona pandemic also shows how far meat manufacturers are ready to go and have already gone for their profits. The case of Toennies in particular illustrates in a shocking way how toxic and irresponsible the meat industry is,» she added. Another activist said, «75 percent of all new pathogens come from animals, and in the past this has also led to outbreaks of MERS, SARS, HIV, Ebola and, recently, COVID-19.» Multiple protests against the meat industry have popped up across Germany since the coronavirus outbreaks at meatpacking plants, with activists calling out the implications in humans health and protection of animal rights.

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