Germany: Alleged sexist poem to be removed from University facade in Berlin

Berlin’s Alice-Salomon University (ASH) vice rector Bettina Voelter commented on Tuesday about accusations of «censorship» after she and other university members and students reportedly supported the motion of removing a poem from its facade because of being sexist. «This is not about censorship, because the poem is still on the wall and it will also not be banished. The university will... Еще continue to publish it and have it in its library in different versions,» claimed Voelter. «It is more about the question whether art is sensible to discrimination, has it to be sensible to discrimination? This question is not only being debated at ASH but rather it is a question of arts in general,» she added. The poem 'Avenidas' from Bolivian poet Eugen Gomringer was painted on the ASH university's facade in 2011. Last year, ASH students wrote an open letter to the university’s administration, accusing the poem of «objectifying women,» said local media. The university then decided to collect ideas for a redesign in a competition. The removal date is still unknown.

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