Germany: AKK slams AfD for 'tolerating far-right radicals and Nazis within their ranks'

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer slammed the far-right Altenative for Germany (AfD) party for «tolerating far-right radicals and Nazis within their ranks,» while speaking at the Political Ash Wednesday event of her party in Demmin. She also referred to an event where racist colouring books were spread during an Alternative for Germany (AfD) party event in... Еще Krefeld, stating that «A party that is distributing colouring books similar to those that the Nazis have distributed in the kindergardens to incite prejudices.» «That is the reality of the AfD and everyone has to ask themselves if one’s anger is worth the support for Nazis in this country. I say no, not with the votes of the CDU,» she added. “Many people in this country are in thought. Currently they are afraid and are wondering about the state regarding the corona virus. Do we have it under control here in Germany? What about my health? Am I protected? They look at the incidents of the recent days,» Kramp-Karrenbauer said, addressing the biggest concerns affecting Germany currently. She continued, saying «They look to Hanau, they are looking to Volkmarsen and wonder what is wrong with the country when you cannot go out and celebrate peacefully without worrying that someone can come around the corner and murder you or shoot you. Dear friends, that is what moves the people at the moment and we have to give the answers.» “And whoever gets elected chairman, you can ask them if they want to assume this function. If they don’t just call me. I will gladly return,” concluded AKK. An election to choose Kramp-Karrenbauer's successor is set to take place on April 25 in Berlin, after she said that she would stand down following the recent scandal surrounding the election of a new minister-president in Thuringia.

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