Germany: ‘Africans here see us as opponents’ — Police on Ellwangen incident

The Vice President of the Aalen Police Bernhard Weber described an incident of refugees forcibly preventing the deportation of a 23-year-old Togolese national as 'a situation that we have never experienced before' during a press conference in Ellwangen on Thursday. «We have clear clues that most black Africans here see the police as their adversaries or will fight against the police. So they are... Еще told to come together when police take measures,» Weber stated, adding they would not allowed a 'lawless zone' to form. Some 200 migrants were said to be involved in the incident. Police officers were eventually able to remove several persons from the camp and took the Togolese asylum-seeker into custody on Thursday. On Monday night, police searched the refugee centre in Baden-Wurttemberg and detained the man in question, who was wanted for deportation. Reports indicate that at first an estimated 50 refugees showed their solidarity with the asylum-seeker. Witnesses add the number soon grew to between 150-200 as the centre's residents united against the police, surrounding patrol cars and forcing the officers to eventually release the detainee.

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