Germany: AfD's Meuthen and Gauland react to Petry's departure amid party split

Alternative for Germany (AfD) federal spokesperson Joerg Meuthen and party's co-founder Alexander Gauland reacted to Frauke Petry's announcement of the decision not to sit in parliament with AfD, which was followed by her storming out of a press conference room, in Berlin, Monday. Gauland noted that Petry's action is «damaging» to the party. He went on to express hope that the party would not... Еще see further division, noting that he «cannot foresee the future today, and the step of Frauke Petry — she has to comment on it, not me.» Meuthen refused to comment on Petry's early departure, saying that «these are singular incidents» and that he does not know «what Ms Petry has in mind, what her intentions are.» He noted that it is «counter-productive to speculate about this in front of running cameras.» Petry stormed out of the press conference the morning after the federal elections, saying that her task was to make the AfD a party «fit for government» but that «after long consideration» she would not be a member of the AfD's Bundestag faction. Sunday's results made the AfD Germany’s third largest party, gaining 12.6 percent of the vote. Having surpassed the mandatory five percent threshold, the AfD will now enter the Bundestag for the first time.

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