Germany: AFD's «Alternative Mitte» holds first meeting in Tettau as counter-protest rages outside

The Alternative Mitte, a strand of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, held its first nationwide meeting in Festhalle Tettau, Tuesday. The initiative aims to act as a more moderate, liberal-conservative counterpart to the party's national conservative base. Top AfD politician and MEP Beatrix von Storch spoke at the event, and made it clear that it was in the interest of the party to remain... Еще united and bring both strands of the AfD together. She highlighted that the party could only exist with «a bourgeois liberal conservative wing» alongside its national conservative wing. Von Storch reiterated the key stances of the AfD, claiming that it was the only party to take a decisive stance on the percieved 'Islamisation' of Germany. AfD party leader Alice Weidel was also set to speak at the event, however she excused herself due to illness. Whilst the meeting took place inside Tettau Festhalle, an Antifa counter-protest made up of nearly 100 people raged outside. The protesters expressed their resentment towards the right-wing party, holding signs reading «hate is no alternative» and «right-wing radicals no thank you.»

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