Germany: AfD parliamentary group convenes for the first time

SOT, journalist (German): «But do you see Islam as a political ideology?» SOT, Alexander Gauland, AfD politician (German): «I have always said one can express this in varying ways but what Alice expressed, namely that it [Islam] is not compatible with our basic law, we all believe, whether we use the word ‘ideology’ or not. For that one may have varying opinions but that has nothing to do with... Еще us being clear on values.» The parliamentary group of Germany's Alternative for Germany (AfD) met for the first time in Berlin on Thursday. According to AfD's Bundestag leader Alice Weidel, the party's executive team is not yet fixed and changes could be made to the board in light of resignations or new applications. Mentioned during the meeting was the AfD's stance on Islam. AfD politician Alexander Gauland has come under fire for referring to Islam as a political ideology rather than a religion. Weidel reiterated the party's view that while Islam was undeniably a religion, there is a «social order» dictated by Sharia law that according to her is incompatible with democracy. After the meeting, Gauland refused to comment on whether he saw the religion as an ideology, saying everyone in the party has the same view on Islam «whether we use the word 'ideology' or not.» The AfD is entering the German parliament for the first time after gaining 13 percent of the vote in September's federal elections.

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