Germany: AfD criticises government on diesel compromise

AfD Bundestag Member Dirk Spaniel responded to the recent coalition compromise on a proposed ban on diesel cars in German cities, speaking at a press conference in Berlin, on Thursday. The compromise intends to avoid city-wide bans on diesel cars by incentivising diesel car owners and manufactures to upgrade old diesel engines. However, Spaniel deemed the new compromise «placebo measures... Еще,» which he says «will not generate anything more than a distraction for the lack of a solution on this issue of a vehicle ban.» Spaniel maintained that his party believe that, if prior regulations were fulfilled, they should still be valid today. He explained, «we think it's extremely, existentially important for an industrial centre, so that companies can count on this country and that past regulations, which were properly fulfilled, for instance certification and approval of these vehicles, are self-evidently able to hold true today.» At the conclusion of the press conference, Spaniel also responded to recent reports that at least three members of the suspected right-wing terror group 'Revolution Chemnitz' participated in the AfD’s 'Funeral March' in Chemnitz, on September 1. Spaniel insisted on distancing his party from such right-wing groups, saying, «we self-evidently and fundamentally distance ourselves from these seditious tendencies against the state. We are a law-abiding party.»

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