Germany: AfD condemns move to block lawmaker from delivering opening speech

‌Parliamentary leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party Bernd Baumann on Tuesday compared the first session of Bundestag to a session in 1933 in which one of the party’s lawmakers was not permitted to deliver the parliamentary opening speech in Berlin. «How big does the fear of the AfD and its voters have to be when they resort to these kinds of measures? That's why... Еще I call you to turn back, trust the traditions of German parliamentarian and approve our motion,» said Baumann at the meeting. He went on to wrongly compare the move to an incident in 1933, claiming that President of the Reichstag Hermann Goering outlawed the opening speech of his opponent, left activist and member of the Social Democratic Party Clara Zetkin. Baumann was corrected by German news agency DPA, who noted that Georing had actually blocked a member of his own party from giving the opening speech. His speech sparked negative reactions amongst other participants in the Bundestag meeting.

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