Germany: AfD commemorate stabbing victim Mia V. in Kandel

More than 3,000 supporters of Alternative for Germany (AfD) held a rally in Kandel on Saturday commemorating Mia V., who was stabbed to death allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, an asylum seeker, in late December. The protest passed off peacefully, although police were deployed to prevent Antifa counter-demonstrators from interrupting the rally. One protester, Heinz, said Mia V.'s death was... Еще symptomatic of a wider problem with Germany's migration policy. «The 'open borders' is not good for anyone, not for the refugees, so-called 'refugees', not for anyone in Germany.» The small Rhineland-Palatinate town has been divided by rival protests ever since the murder of 15-year-old Mia V.. The principal suspect is her ex-boyfriend, an Afghani named Abdul D.

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