Germany: AfD co-leader Meuthen denies breaking campaign finance laws

The newly re-elected Alternative for Germany (AfD) party co-chairman, Jorg Meuthen denied allegations of misconduct and illegal campaign donations, while addressing delegates at the party's conference in Braunschweig on Saturday. Earlier in the year, the German parliament's administrative body fined the AfD €402,900 ($443,930), after it determined that the party received help from a Swiss... Еще advertising agency from during state election campaigns in 2016 and 2017. «I haven't done anything indecent. Secondly, I have not done anything illegal,» said Meuthen. He continued saying «"It is not an affair or a scandal, but it is a harmless procedure that has been completely artificially built into something which it totally isn't.» Meuthen, who is seen as a representative of the moderate wing within the party, was re-elected with 69 percent of the vote alongside 44-year-old Tino Chrupalla as the second co-chairman.

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