Germany: AfD candidate Hoecke casts vote for Thuringia state elections

Alternative for Germany (AfD) candidate Bjoern Hoecke, cast his vote in the Thuringia parliamentary state elections in Bornhagen on Sunday. «We are excited about what the outcome of this election will be. And political parties will have to act in accordance with this result. We are looking forward to hearing the voice of the people,» he told journalists shortly upon casting his ballot. «Again... Еще: we are a middle-class patriotic party; we are entrusted with a state political responsibility. Certainly, we want to govern. We have now done five years of opposition work in the Thuringian state parliament. I am proud of the work we have done. More than 200 proposals have been submitted to the plenary. Not even one has been referred to committees,» said Hoecke. «That is a sign that parliamentarism unfortunately does not work so well anymore. But we are ready to take on a government responsibility; we want to do that. If we do not succeed, then we shall wait. But as I said, we would take our civic responsibility,» he added. Recent polls suggest that left-wing party Die Linke could secure around 29 per cent of the votes, while Alternative for Germany and the Christian Democratic Union parties are most likely to be in a tight race for the runner-up position. The election is seen as a test for Germany's centrist parties as German Chancellor Angela Merkel's term is coming to an end.

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