Germany: Activists arrested amid Walpurgis Night celebrations in Berlin

Left-wing activists took to the streets and balconies of Berlin's Friedrichshain district for Walpurgis Night on Thursday before being disbanded by the police. Organisers called on participants to gather in Friedrichshain and light up flares from rooftops and balconies, as footage shows. Saint Walpurga was an abbess whom German Christians praise for fighting against «pest, rabies, whooping cough... Еще and witchcraft.» The Berlin police dispersed the crowd of about 70 people at the corner of Rigaer Street and Liebigstrasse shortly after 9 PM (20:00 GMT). Some were arrested after violating social distancing rules and ignoring the officials' request to leave the place. Germany currently allows demonstrations of up to 20 people due to coronavirus restrictions.

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