Germany: ‘A slap in the face’ — Oxfam Deutschland on Haiti sex scandal

The General Manager of Oxfam Germany Marion Lieser said she is “shocked, dismayed and furious” over the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Oxfam employees, while speaking from Berlin on Friday. “These events are a slap in the face for those who help us by investing money and time in Oxfam,” she said. Lieser said that Oxfam is taking measures, such as creating an external commission... Еще with “an expert in human rights” that will “evaluate the methods of Oxfam, test them, and verify them. Not only with current events, but also from the past, which means that will evaluate the cases of sexual misconduct.” “The whole reputation of Oxfam, and of all organisations, is under the spotlight,” said the Oxfam manager, admitting that it will take a lot of time “to win back people’s trust.” It recently emerged that staff working for Oxfam had paid for prostitutes in Haiti at a time when the country was facing an enormous humanitarian crisis after the earthquake of 2011.

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