Germany: 'A departure from established politics' — Berliners comment on election results

Berliners commented on the federal election results on the streets of the German capital on Monday. One woman stated that it was «awful» that so few people went to the polls to cast their vote, saying, «I find it quite awful how few people went out to vote. And yeah, because I think, yeah, being able to vote is really great gift, and the fact that so few people used this [gift], I think that's... Еще really awful.» Meanwhile, a man said that he felt the success of the far-right Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party was the eventual conclusion of a protest against established politics. «I see this as a call for the departure of established politics; to take these changes seriously and also take the citizens seriously,» he said. Sunday’s results made the AfD Germany’s third largest party, gaining 12.6% of the vote. Having surpassed the mandatory five percent threshold, the AfD will now enter the Bundestag for the first time.


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