Germany: 94 y/o stands trial in Munster over 100s of Holocaust murders

The trial of a 94-year-old former SS guard began in Munster on Tuesday, with the accused said to have acted as an accessory to murders carried out at Stutthof concentration camp between 1942 and 1944. Johann Rehbogen served as a guard at the Polish camp during the Nazi-era and may well be standing in the final trial related to the Holocaust. As Rehbogen was 18 when he started at the camp, the... Еще trial is taking place in a juvenile court with a maximum sentence of 10 years. «It's not about putting an ancient 94-year-old behind bars to suffer, it's about carrying out justice — even if it's just a tiny amount,» said Onur Ozata, who is acting on behalf of some of the Holocaust victims. Some 65,000 prisoners were murdered in Stutthof, which lies near modern-day Gdansk, with Rehbogen accused of acting as an accessory, inter alia, to over a hundred of those deaths.

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