Germany: 77 properties confiscated from criminal gang in Berlin

SOT, Journalist, (German): «And no gold?» SOT, Bernhard Mix, Public Prosecutor (German): «No, but like I say quite openly, we weren't looking for it. Had we found it, we would have of course brought it with us.» Berlin's state prosecutors announced to the press, on Thursday, that they had confiscated 77 properties from a criminal gang. According to the prosecution, the investigation that... Еще resulted in the seizure began after a bank was broken into in October 2014. Prosecutor Bernhard Mix explained that a brother of one of the perpetrators bought properties in and around Berlin, despite not having an income of his own. Mix said, «In the course of this investigation it came to our attention that one of the brothers of one of those condemned as a culprit for this crime, who was only a recipient of support money — such as Hartz IV [welfare], child benefit, care allowance — had applied for his own [non-rented] property.» Head Prosecutor for Berlin explained that the seizures were taken under a new law that permits the state to confiscate assets easier than before. «We no longer need to have a particular deed that can be assigned to a particular asset. It's enough now if we have indications there are assets from prosecutable crimes,» he said. Members of the criminal gang behind the seizures are also suspected of carrying out a heist on Berlin's Bode Museum in March 2017, which saw a gold coin valued at €3.7 million [$4.29 million] stolen from the building. Mix maintained, however, that the coin wasn't the focus of this investigation. «I can only say that I can't position myself on this matter because the investigation [into the stolen gold coin] is still underway. All I can say is that, quite concretely, we haven't found any gold coins,» he said.

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