Germany: 69 deportations on my 69th birthday — Seehofer unveils migration plan

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer recalled how 69 refugees were deported to Afghanistan on his 69th birthday while unveiling his awaited migration master plan to the press in Berlin on Tuesday. «On my 69th birthday — hadn't ordered it so — 69 people were returned to Afghanistan. That is far above what had been the usual,» he said. Seehofer stressed that the plan he was presenting was one... Еще created by his ministry, and not with his coalition partners in the CDU and SPD. Seehofer explained, «It was the expressed request that the question of border controls now isn't going to be incorporated into this plan with the ideas of the SPD. It isn't a plan from the Coalition. I want to make it clear, this is a plan of the Federal Interior Ministry.» Seehofer also went on to explain the need for so-called 'transit centres', intended to hold migrants before returning them to the country where they first made their application for asylum. Seehofer insisted on the 48 hour deadline to return people from Germany, explaining that this was an existing demand under the German constitution. «It's about a few people each day who are brought into the police and then, within 48 hours — incidentally this is not a deadline found by the coalition, rather it exists in our Basic Law. You can't keep someone in custody without a judge for more than this period,» Seehofer explained. Seehofer's masterplan has been presented to the press days after his CSU party has been in negotiations with their coalition partners over Germany's migration policy.

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