Germany: 60,000 Frankfurt residents evacuate their homes ahead of WWII bomb diffusion

Around 60,000 residents in Frankfurt am Maine evacuated their homes on Sunday morning ahead of the diffusion process of a World War II bomb found in the city amid construction work earlier this week. Authorities evacuated an area with a radius of 1.5km (1 mile) around the site where the 1.8 tonne British bomb will be disposed of. Some local residents seemed unconcerned by the evacuation. «I... Еще think whatever needs to be done, needs to be done. There is simply not much to discuss and if that means I have to spend Sunday in a nice cafe then I will,» said one. «I think [the evacuation process] is being done as conveniently as possible,» said another. Other local residents were more displeased; «I find it irksome if there's a 500 or 600 metre barrier, one and a half kilometres.» Temporary shelter along with food and drink has been provided for the evacuees in Frankfurt's Jahrhunderthalle. Some of the city's museums have also offered free entry for the day.

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