Germany: 33-year-old Syrian refugee on trial for allegedly fighting for IS

A trial against a 33-year-old Syrian citizen who is accused of joining and fighting for the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has begun at the Ordinary Jurisdiction Court of Hesse in Frankfurt on Tuesday. The defendant, who was identified as Mohamed A.G., is believed to to have led an IS unit of at least 20 fighters in Syria. «The suspect is also accused of performing religious... Еще policing functions, monitoring any violations of Sharia rules of the Islamic State,» prosecutor Dr. Hanno Frielinghaus said. He continued: «While performing the security checks the suspect captured two men and took them hostage. The further fate of these people is unknown to us. The suspect also participated in combat operations and is believed to use fully automatic rifle Kalashnikov.» Mohamed A.G. came to Germany as a refugee in June 2015; from November 15, 2018, has remained in pre-trial custody.

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