Germany: «€150m grant and I don't have a job!» — Air Berlin employees march on parliament

Thousands of disgruntled former Air Berlin employees marched on the Reichstag in Berlin as part of a protest against the ongoing insolvency issues surrounding the airline, Wednesday. The protest was attended by Gregor Gysi, Party of the European Left President, who spoke to the demonstrators. «The company was given a grant for €150m (US $177m) to keep flying for the past three months, now we've... Еще stopped and the only thing that's happening is that the airplanes are still flying but not with us,» complained one protester. «The government aren't helping us, they aren't supporting us, they aren't backing us up. We're staying out on the streets,» explained another. Air Berlin filed for insolvency in August and closed its operation in October, with airlines Easyjet and Lufthansa both taking on aircraft and some former employees from the company.

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