Germany: 120 quarantined people 'relaxed' as coronavirus infection tests set to start Tuesday

Preparations started on Monday for the 120 German citizens quarantined in Germersheim to be tested for coronavirus infections with swab tests by the state investigation office in Koblenz as their temperatures and symptoms are checked daily by Red Cross workers. «The test is expected to be carried out by the end of tomorrow. Then the samples will be taken by courier to the state investigation... Еще office in Koblenz where they will be evaluated and we will receive the result. We cannot say today whether this will take one, two or three days, we are talking about 120 samples after all. We will not test the collaborators of the Red Cross as well, as they have been part of the group for the past two days only, but we are thinking of doing a second series of tests in five to seven days,» said District Administrator of Germersheim District Dr Fritz Brechtel. Brechtel said «the mood is still good» inside before making clear the quarantined people were in a «relaxed, good and friendly» mood, contradicting reports circulating on social media. «You can imagine life in quarantine as when you were grounded forbidden to leave the house by your mum. Of course this is not fun, nothing nice, no question, but you have to stay in the house. We visit them daily, multiple times, ask if everything is okay, is the internet working, do you need more books, can we bring more toys. These are the kind of things we are trying to make possible. Let's say, you will not witness big football tournaments,» said German Red Cross Spokesperson Dr Kai Kranich. Germans and their family members returning from Wuhan will be quarantined for 14 days after being evacuated from China and arriving in Germersheim on February 1. So far none of them have shown any symptoms of the newly discovered coronavirus 2019-nCov. At least 362 people have been killed with more than 17,490 infected in China. More than 100 cases were confirmed world-wide across 27 countries, including Germany, France, the UK, Canada and the US. The Philippines announced the first death from the disease outside China.

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