Germany: 10 Turkish communists jailed in so-called 'TKP/ML trial'

Nine men and one woman from a banned Turkish communist group were jailed on Tuesday, as hundreds gathered in front of the Higher Regional Court in Munich on in solidarity with the defendants of the so-called 'TKP/ML trial' (Turkish Communist Party/Marxist-Leninist). As the verdict was announced, members of over 30 left-wing organisations protested in front of the court, carrying communist flags and banners and shouting slogans demanding the release of all ten defendants. Protesters criticised the trial for being biased, saying the defendants were not accused of any crimes committed in Germany, while the TKP/ML group has not been classified as a terrorist organisation in any other country than Turkey. Ten members and executives of Turkish Workers Confederation (ATIK) were accused of providing financial support to the banned TKP/ML organisation and sentenced to several years in prison each. «The verdict that has been announced today is a collective wish of the Turkish regime and the German government,» said Suleyman Gurcan, ATIK co-leader. He continued: «Those innocent people were convicted here today from three to six years and six months. We as revolutionary and democratic forces from over 20 countries and 35 organisations condemn the decision.»

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