Germany: 10,000 kippahs handed out in Berlin to protest recent anti-Semitic attack

A group of activists travelled around Berlin's parks on Sunday afternoon, to hand kippahs out to members of the public. They organised the action in order to express their opposition to antisemitism and, in particular, to protest a recent attack on a kippah-wearing Israeli national, in a street in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood. One of the activists explained the importance of making... Еще the Jewish skullcap visible on the streets of the German capital. «We would hand out kippahs to people to say that this city should not be a place where someone would be beaten up for wearing a kippa, or any other religious symbol,» he said. A Jewish tourist, from Vienna, chose to wear the kippa after being handed one by the activists. He said that he believed antisemitism may be on the rise again, «In the past few years, there's been more antisemitism and you have to be really careful because we've already seen where that leads, seventy years ago. And you have to remain vigilant. And that's the start of it where we have to strongly combat this.»

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