German and Israeli breweries collaborate on 70th 'birthday' beer for Israel

German and Israeli brew masters collaborated in creating a special beer to congratulate the Israeli State on it's 70th birthday anniversary that the country celebrated earlier this year, footage showed from the Emek Hefer region, Monday. «We are doing a collaboration brew with Faust brewery from Germany. It's the initiative of the German embassy in Israel. They thought about a nice way, like a... Еще present, to give to the Israeli 70 years anniversary. We do this collaboration with a very well-known and veteran brewery in Germany — Faust Brewery. We brew together our beer,» said Ori Sagi, the owner of Alexander boutique brewery. A brew master at Faust Brewing Company Cornelius Faust agreed, adding that he was excited about the collaboration. The Israeli birthday refers to Israel's Independence Day, that has been celebrated in the country since 1948, when the State of Israel was officially established on what was previously Palestine.

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