Georgia: Pence vows Georgia will «one day» be NATO member

Speaking to the media in a joint press conference with Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, in Tbilisi, on Tuesday, US Vice President Mike Pence said that he, and US President Donald Trump were committed to Georgia 'one day' becoming a NATO member. Vowing his commitment to the Eastern European nation, and rebutting concerns that the current US administration seeks to isolate itself from... Еще other NATO powers, Pence said, «We are proud of our friendship and strategic partnership with the nation and the people of Georgia. In a word, I'm here to say 'America first' does not mean 'America alone'.» Pence also spoke about new US sanctions against Russia, which Trump is due to sign into law soon. He said, «As always, our country prefers a constructive relationship with Russia — based on cooperation and common interests — but the President and our Congress are unified in our message to Russia. A better relationship, the lifting of sanctions, will require Russia to reverse the actions that cause sanctions to be imposed in the first place. We hope for better days, and we hope for better relations with Russia.»
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