Georgia: Mutton mutiny! — Activists put forward sheep as mayoral candidate

Activists in the Georgian city of Telavi presented a sheep as a candidate for the upcoming mayoral elections, in protest of the local authorities’ decision to abrogate the city’s self-administration. In particular, the gaff is intended to show how the activists view Telavi's local government officials as sheep who let themselves be controlled by the central government. Despite not being... Еще registered officially as a candidate, the sheep has gained notoriety as it placidly walked around the city. The local activists said that some citizens were going to vote for the woolly animal as mayor, and called on citizens to write down the word «sheep» next to the other candidate's names in the ballot and tick it. Leader of the local protest movement Maka Mosiashvili said that «the sheep would be more beneficial than those people who have been taking office so far.» Telavi was granted an autonomous status in 2014. During the summer of 2017 Georgian authorities condemned this system as inefficient.Telavi's municipal elections will be held on October 21 and the city’s autonomous status abrogation is due to take effect the following day.

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