Georgia: 100y/o WWII veteran recalls guerrilla-fighting heroics

SOT, Reporter (Russian): «Whom?». SOT, Evdokia Klimova, war veteran (Russian): «Germans». SOT, Reporter: «Did you personally kill Germans?». SOT, Evdokia Klimova, war veteran (Russian): «We didn't kill them, we exploded them» SOT, Reporter: «How?» SOT, Evdokia Klimova, war veteran (Russian): «With grenades». Russian centenarian and war veteran Evdokia Klimova recalled her heroics when... Еще fighting as a guerrilla during the World War II, speaking to Ruptly in her apartment in Tbilisi. Klimova was born in Smolensk in 1918 during the turmoil of the First World War and the Russian Revolution. When the WWII started and the Nazis encircled her hometown, she, like many others of her generation, joined the guerrilla movement. This female guerrilla later became a member of the 1st Belorussian Front and suffered a leg injury. «In Hungary or I can't recall in what city I was injured. And I was in the hospital when the war came to an end. This is my right leg, the whole joint was explicit». After surviving two world wars Kliminova has now reached the ripe old age of 100. She is especially proud of her strength and energy: «I am strong because I do whatever I want. I can cook everything I want. I don't have any bad habits.»

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